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Blackjack Rules

The game of blackjack can be met in every casino online today: its rules and numerous winning systems, such as card counting for example, are described and explained in details for perfect understanding. What is left to do? To try this card game of skills!

Roulette Rules

Inside roulette bets

If you are looking on the roulette betting table, you will notice that there is a section of bets placed at the bottom and in the right side of the numbers. Those are the outside bets, and they could bring you some money even if your number won't come up as a winner. However, the simplest bets are the inside bets, and they are connected with a certain number.

Don't rush to the table to bet just because you figured this out. There are also the inside composed bets, as the roulette gives you the opportunity to place bets on more than one number at a time. Therefore, you could place bets on two adjacent numbers, corners, or even on four numbers.

Consider the house edge also before placing those bets. Let's consider that you are placing a bet of 1 dollar on the number "6." There are 37 numbers on the wheel (38 for the American Roulette, therefore you have a chance of 1:37 or 1:38 to win. If "6" is drawn as the winning number, you will only win 35 or 36 dollars (if you are lucky). What happened with the difference to 37 or 38? That is the house edge and it is an insurance of the casino. It is protected by law; therefore, you can't contest it in any way.

Street bets on roulette

The majority of roulette game players are not so comfortable about placing bets on individual numbers. A Street bet means that you could place a certain sum of money on several numbers at a time. On the betting table, you will see some lines (horizontal or vertical). Place a bet at the bottom of the numbers, and you will have a street bet. Of course, those bets have the odds of 1 to 3, but they are surely popular amongst gamblers.

Outside roulette bets

The outside bets are not so rewarding, but they are surely liked by players. You can guess if the winning number is odd or even, red or black or even if it is small or big. All those bets are called outside roulette bets, and the corresponding sections are placed near the numbers on the betting table. The outside bets are designed for those players that won't allow themselves too many risks, as the odds to win are 1:6 to 1:2. The best players will always combine those two kinds of betting on every table. In fact, the purpose of roulette betting is to cover as much as possible of the roulette betting table with the smallest sum of money possible. If you manage to do that, you are on your way to the highest tables and to the best tournaments.