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Blackjack Rules

The game of blackjack can be met in every casino online today: its rules and numerous winning systems, such as card counting for example, are described and explained in details for perfect understanding. What is left to do? To try this card game of skills!

Roulette House Edge


  1. Every casino must mention the house edge. This is a governmental law imposed by the US government in 2006. Of course, some casinos are functioning under the laws of some other countries, but the players begun to understand the importance of the house edge. Therefore, every established casino must mention the house edge, although the law of the respective country won't impose it.
  2. The house edge is different from one casino to another. This statement is also true. Moreover, some casinos have different edges stated for different games. Therefore, you must check it before engaging yourself in one game or another
  3. Independent organisms are checking the house edges. This is also true. Moreover, every respected casino must state the name of this control organization. This way, the players are confident about their winning chances, and the casino gains trust amongst visitors.
  4. The casinos are applying some "techniques" to increase the house edge. We must be true to you. This happens. However, it is a huge risk for the casinos considering the controls and the eventual consequences. You won't find a casino having all the playing rooms "rigged," but it should not be a surprise for you if you can't win at a simple blackjack game for 10 hands in a row.


  1. The house edge is only a marketing method. In fact, the casinos would only give to the players what they want. This statement is false. As stated in the previous section, the casinos are always watched and controlled by some independent organisms. Therefore, they can't act like robbers. In fact, a house edge greater than 90 is not even allowed in some countries.
  2. The house edge is changed by the casino as wanted. It is false and true at the same time. Sure, the casino is allowed to change the edge at some time. However, the change must be approved by the authorities, and the players must be announced about this change.
  3. Some casinos are losing money because of the small house edge. We must also be frank about this statement: the online casino always wins. However, you must not be discouraged. The casino takes more money from some players, while a small percentage of gamblers are winning on the overall. The house edge is imposed as a whole. This means that the casino would only win 5 dollars from 100 dollars gambled by players on the site. If you are a smart player, you could win 1000 dollars on a single hand, while 10 other players would lose 105 dollars each to compensate the house edge and your jackpot. Play smart, learn the rules, and you won't even have to be concerned about the house edge after a while.