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Blackjack Rules

The game of blackjack can be met in every casino online today: its rules and numerous winning systems, such as card counting for example, are described and explained in details for perfect understanding. What is left to do? To try this card game of skills!

Different games casino usually provides

People seem to be involved in gambling activities since far away ancient times when they used to decide various difficulties by means of throwing dices or tossing coins.

Gambling history origin

However, first official casinos appeared only in 1683 in Venice, Italy where municipal authorities decided to legalize different gambling games casino provided for the time of famous Italian carnivals.

Concerning gambling history in America it is considered that the first casinos were established in 17th century and were known as saloons, which were actually places where people could have had alcohol drinks and played some gambling games.

Casino games variety

Nowadays there exists a huge amount of both land-based and online casinos all over the world, which offer numerous and multifarious casino entertainments of all kinds and types.

The whole variety of the games proposed could be classified in the following way:

  • there are games of pure luck, which include slots, craps, bingo and keno, while gamblers' skills and knowledge do not play an important role in terms of winning chances;
  • and there are games of skills like video poker, blackjack and roulette to some extent, which demand deep theoretical knowledge about the background of game and playing skills application in order to increase the winning possibilities.

Let us have a closer look at some of them, so you could make an easy and correct choice which type of casino entertainment suits you best.


Blackjack casino game is a popular card play, which main goal is to beat the dealer's card combination by getting more points than the dealer has at the end of playing round and without exceeding the upper boundary of 21 points.

There are a lot blackjack variations, which offer different house odds, but in general the game is rather attractive in terms of profit as in case of proper blackjack rules and strategies application gamblers could convert the house advantage in to their own one.


Roulette is regarded as a queen of games casino offered and is presented mainly in two variations: European roulette and American one. According to most common tips for roulette it is advisable to play European version of the game as it provides lower house edge and higher potential rewards consequently.

The purpose of the play is to guess correctly which position on the roulette wheel will be hit with roulette ball after each spin.

Video Poker

Video poker online is a bright example of game of skill where players could decide their final outcome themselves.

Although video poker has a little common with usual poker card game, there is still a lot of place for gamblers' knowledge and playing strategies to be applied and bring superior winning results.